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PlantPAx® Installation & Training Service – Rockwell Automation have developed the PlantPAx®, a modern Distributed Control System (DCS), to meet all your plant-wide control and application requirements. This process automation system helps plant managers to make better and faster decisions regarding process control, while improving process efficiency and plants performance.

The PlantPAx® offers flawless integration from the plant and control room to the boardroom. This system provides the ability to improve diagnostics and analytics, while reducing the overhead requirements for your plant automation infrastructure. A major benefit of the PlantPAx® system, is that it provides the ability to streamline multiple vendors’ instruments in one general platform, including any of the more than ninety vendors that support FDT Technology.

AGE Technologies is a trusted service provider in the field of providing control system solutions for manufacturing, production and other industrial environments. Let the team from AGE Technologies install and integrate your PlantPAx® control system, so that your company can enjoy improved productivity, efficiency and risk management. PlantPAx® training can be provided if required. Get AGE Technologies on board today!

training can be provided if required. Get AGE Technologies on board today!

PlantPAx® Installation and Training by AGE Technologies

Take hands with the experienced team from AGE Technologies or all your control system needs. AGE Technologies are leaders in the field of electrical engineering, control and automation, offering complete integrated solutions for manufacturing and other industrial companies, from system design, installation, configuration and system training.

AGE Technologies can incorporate your existing or free standing PLC’s and other control equipment with PlantPAx®, which will allow for relatively easy control. Let AGE Technologies manage your PlantPAx® Installation and Configuration, and provide PlantPAx® training where necessary.

Why PlantPAx®?

PlantPAx® by Rockwell Automation is a major step up for companies in the digital transformation journey. Here are a few advantages of this modern Distributed Control System:

Plant-wide Control and Optimisation: The common automation platform ensures seamless integration between all important areas of your plant. Integrate all areas including processes, discrete, power, information and safety into one infrastructure. This system ensures that information flows flawlessly, plants are easier to manage and a lower total cost of ownership.

Scalable and Modular Architecture: The PlantPAx® system offers a wide range of options regarding architecture, which allows for increased flexibility and a tailored system solution. This ensures easy integration without replicating data, faster time to market, and scalable system capabilities such as HMI, batch management and data collection.

Open, Information-enabled, and Secure: Management will be able to make better business decisions, from real-time information that is readily available. This is due to the PlantPAx® being a modern DCS system, based on open communication standards, by using EtherNet/IP networks.

Flexible Delivery and Support Network: The PlantPAx® DCS enables you to select the optimal implementation and support team, based on your specific company needs. AGE Technologies can implement your system and provide a state-of-the-art solution that meets your business processes and control requirements.

Benefits of the PlantPAx® include:

  • Common platform for automation and control systems
  • The seamless flow of information between different areas of the plant
  • A single plant-wide system that is easier to manage
  • A lower total cost of ownership

AGE Technologies – Your automation and control integration partner

AGE Technologies will offer a professional service when it comes to your PlantPAx® installation, integration and training.

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