PlantPAx® 5.0 Distributed Control System by 4Sight OT

The PlantPAx® 5.0 is a modern Distributed Control System (DCS) by Rockwell Automation, that has been designed to meet all your plant-wide applications, control requirements and more. Experience improved diagnostics and analytics, while reducing the overhead requirements for your plant automation infrastructure with PlantPAx®.

This modern Distributed Control System will help you to solve industry challenges throughout the plant lifecycle, offering seamless integration from the control room to the boardroom.

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Balance Productivity and Reduce Operational Risks with the PlantPAx® 5.0

With the PlantPAx® Distributed Control System on your plant, you will meet all the challenges faced on your plant, and experience noticeable productivity gains in all areas and processes. This system aims to simplify workflow, offer a consistent project design and reduces the architectural footprint, while integrating seamlessly to your plant and processes. Connect your processes, discrete, power, information and control with one efficient, plant-wide infrastructure system.

The latest system release (PlantPAx 5.0) features state-of-the-art process controllers designed to improve scalability and skid integration, while offering higher control performance. The embedded native process objects help to reduce engineering costs and drive consistency in projects across the plant. Operations are also safer and more secure with its cyber-security capabilities and system certifications.

Benefits of the PlantPAx® include:

  • Common platform for automation and control systems
  • The seamless flow of information between different areas of the plant
  • A single plant-wide system that is easier to manage
  • A lower total cost of ownership

About 4Sight OT

4Sight OT is a recognised system integrator for Rockwell Automation systems in South Africa, that provides a comprehensive service for your industrial automation and control system needs. From the design phase of your control system, right through to integration and commissioning – 4Sight OT will guide you into the modern age of process control.

The team from 4Sight OT have gained extensive experience in hardware and software systems from all leading manufacturers and suppliers (including PlantPAx® from Rockwell Automation), and will ensure that you get the best and most suitable system for your specific plant and process needs. Let the team from 4Sight OT help to make your plant more efficient by increasing performance and lowering costs for increased profits.

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